Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, Bubba Boy!

It's here again. February 23rd. The day I have to admit that my baby boy continues to get older. I didn't even hang the birthday banner this year, and yet he still gets to turn 8! 

Look at that smile!  One of the many things about him that always brightens my days. So full of love and life,  you can't help but smile back and say, "Thank you, Lord, for this beautiful blessing!"

 Learning to ski was a big deal this year. Take this boy to the top and off he goes, flying down and enjoying the ride. Sweet boy, may you always enjoy this ride called life, not letting the little bumps and falls along the way slow you down.

 Sweet times with best friends always make the day brighter!

I know I should have put the camera down and helped, but it was truly hilarious!

So many ways that you show love - full of hugs, laughter, kisses and so much more. 
I am so thankful that you are our blessing! 
Happy 8th Birthday!