Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day!

The first official snow day of 2011 is also the first time that all 4 Harrist's were able to venture out into the winter wonderland together.  We had a great time sledding, playing and just being outside. 

This was Aiden's very first time to go out into the snow. It took about 5 minutes of laborious dressing, but he  was well prepared thanks to hand-me-downs from Anne, Katie, and Melissa. Thanks friends for making sure Aiden was ready for fun!

The sledding was fun. Even Chris and I took a turn!

 Aiden is our measuring stick. He is 31" tall, so the snow on the side of the car was about half that. Wow!

One hard working man!!

It took a lot of work to get us all outside today but it was so worth it!  The snow is still coming down as we speak!  For now, I still love living in New England!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas in Texas - photo update

We had a great time in Texas last month. Christmas with our families just can't be beat!  We did not get to do everything we wanted, or see everyone we wanted, thank you sinus infections and tummy bugs, but it was a wonderful and refreshing trip.  Here are a few of our favorite pictures from our time.

Monkey loved watching the planes coming in and out as we waited for our flight.  

Both boys created their first "masterpieces" to hang on Nana's wall. Christopher jumped right in, but Aiden wasn't too sure this was such a great thing to do. 

The required family photos with Nana, Papa, Uncle Austin and Uncle Jaze

There were so many spring-like days that we had to go outside to enjoy it!  Christopher was so happy to get outside and play, and Aiden loved the bubbles his brother blew for him!

Mimi's favorite place to be - curled up with here two great-grandkids!

Usually, Chris reads the Christmas story to us on Christmas Eve. This year, we were blessed to hear of Jesus' birth from Christopher, with a little help from Daddy on the big words.

It was a great vacation. We loved seeing our friends and family, and to be reminded how blessed we are with the people in our lives. Merry Christmas (yes, it's late) and a Happy New Year!