Friday, November 11, 2011

Hate to say it...

But we are missing football already!  A few weeks ago, we finished off the season with the Tiny Mite Superbowl and a great party for the kids.  Since then, we have been having football withdrawals!  It has been strange to have all this free time and being able to cook dinner and eat it at home instead of at practice.  But it has been nice too be able to do those things too.  We will miss football, but until then we have some great pictures to hold us until next season.


 Helping with a tackle in our last regular season game.

 That would be Christopher being tackled by 2 defenders.

 Strong arm and keep on going.

And on his way to the end zone!  He got his first touchdown in that game and we are so proud of him and the Seacoast Titan Tiny Mites!