Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Fun

Well, after much snow, power outages and delays, we were finally able to take the kids out trick or treating on Monday night (who would have thought to actually do that on Halloween?!)
 My bird boys were ready to head out as soon as the clock struck 5, the official trick or treating start time. It started out as one of those nights when Aiden was not having any part of his costume, but thankfully once we got outside he let me put it on and never thought about taking it off again.
And we're off!

We did a practice round at our friends' grandparents' house. Aiden had it down after that and he was ready to go to other doors.  What kid wouldn't love this: look cute, smile and ask nicely and candy is dropped into your hands!  Score!

The country is safe, and large green pigs will run and hide from these two!

Riding in style from house to house.  So thankful they brought this out with us!  Made the night much easier. 

Happy Halloween from our gang of goblins!