Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Fun Day

We took advantage of some beautiful fall weather and Columbus Day weekend, which means no soccer, and did some of our favorite fall activities.  Spending family time is a hard commodity to come by lately, so we seized the opportunity, and our visitor from TX, and headed out. 

Our first stop was Coppal House Farm corn maze. This place is amazing!  Every year they create a corn maze, over a space that is 16 acres large, in the shape of an animal. This year we got lost in a turtle.

Monkey got a little tired part way thru, so Daddy helped out

 Thankfully we saw the sign before we turned that direction. 
Only got turned around once.

Next it was off to Demeritt Hill Farm to choose our pumpkins and pick up our last Honeycrisp apples of the season.

 The boys had very different criteria for choosing their pumpkins.

 Christopher's had to be just right... I think he picked up every pumpkin that was in the field.

 As for Aiden, his choice was easier to make...

It was only based on which one he could pick up the easiest.

Time to decorate:

 Aiden took an abstract approach.

 While Chris and Christopher took their time planning.

Christopher does not like getting slimy, weird I know, so we enjoyed torturing him just a bit.


The boys loved their fall day and hanging out with Miss Amanda Holley.