Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Football Fever

For years, pretty much ever since I found out our firstborn would be a boy, I have dreaded knowing that I would have to accept him playing football. I know, one of every mom's fear, and in TX, one of every mom's dreams, is to see their little guy pounding down the field (or pounding down on the other team).  So when we moved to New Hampshire, I seriously thought I had dodged the football bullet.  Huge sigh of relief!

Alas, that was not so. Turns out there are quiet a few football fanatics up here, too. (I am talking about families involved in the sport, not just die-hard Pats fans. ;) )  Then to find out one of Christopher's best friends played pretty much made it so I could no longer avoid this sport.

Two weeks ago (yes, I am that far behind) Christopher had his first game of the season.  I still had my reservations, but as they took the field, I have to admit it, I was loving it!  All of a sudden I missed those Friday night fun-fests and the game itself.  To top it off, Christopher was loving it which sealed our football lives.

These pictures are far off since they don't let all the camera toting mommas on the field, but in both "action" shots, Christopher is separate from the pack.