Friday, August 19, 2011

Cannoli Wars of 2011

No trip to Boston is complete without a Mike's Pastry run.  Our family has become somewhat addicted to their cannolis.  Delish!   The only problem is this:  if you don't go to Mike's when you first get to town, the line will be around the block by the time you are ready to take some home at the end of the day.

So it was this past Saturday.  Knowing what the line is like at 4 pm, we made our usual stop at noon for a post-lunch treat.  

MMMMM!  There is nothing like it!

After we spent our day walking off those calories, we thought what better way to end the our visit than to have just one more (we usually only go downtown to get them when we have company, so we argued that these treats occur only twice a year, therefore, indulgence justified). Off to Mike's we go, hoping that the line is not too bad since we have a train to catch.  All hope was dashed as we see the line all the way down the block and around the corner.  DENIED!

But wait... there, just a block away, sits Modern Pastry, rumored to be just as good, but way less crowded.

Dare we??  Of course!

Time to find out who has the best, Mikes or Modern?  An age old question (or maybe not) will be answered in a completely scientific way.

First up, Mom's votes.

Even though she had the cheesecake from Mike's this time (sinfully delicious!), she still chose Mike's cannolis over Modern's

As for us:
 (yes, we are that disgusting couple!)
Chris' vote: Mikes

And me?  Well, Mikes of course!

Modern was good, but there is nothing like a cannoli, and many other treats, from Mikes Pastries.  So, my NH friends, if you find yourself downtown Boston, make sure to go early and bring one home for us!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to you!

Thirteen years ago, we started our life with this gift:

Now, we have these blessings:

(yes, this is one of my favorite photos)

Thank you for being a fantastic father.  These boys know everyday how much you love them; they know you will always be there for them, for the fun days of wrestling and playing, and the not so fun days of heartache that are sure to come.  I watch them look at you, love you, learn from you.  God has given you a beautiful gift in our boys, and they know how much you treasure them, love them, and lay down your life for them.

Thank you for being an amazing husband.  Over the years, I have been able to watch God mold you into a man who can lead this family, who gives of himself daily to me and our children.  You are the first person I turn to when I need help with the hard decisions and the handy stuff, and I know that you will always guide me back to trust in God when it everything else seems like its too much.  You are patient when I am not, loving when I don't deserve it, caring through my pain. If I don't say it enough, I am thankful for you: grateful for God's work in you and His grace in your life.

I love you!

Happy Birthday!

From Christopher:

Thank you, Daddy, for loving me and being my dad. Thank you for always loving me and knowing what I need. You always take care of me and play with me. I love you.