Saturday, July 9, 2011

Vacation Part 2

For the third and fourth days of our New York vacation, we headed to Cooperstown, the birthplace of baseball.  The timing for this trip couldn't have been more perfect as Christopher has decided that baseball is his number one favorite sport!
The Hall of Fame was fantastic and we took our time, 5 hours, going through everything.  So much to learn, see and play with.  Aiden loved his time there too, climbing on "stadium seats", pushing buttons and running at every possible opportunity.  He has his own love for baseball!

From the famous Cows on Parade sculptures. Even though it is the Yankees cow, it was still cool to be welcomed to the museum by this beautiful bovine (mildly reminiscent of Stephenville).

The oldest baseball!  Over 115 years old.

Christopher's favorite team! I could just see his little mind picturing his jersey and glove hanging in that locker. 

The car had to be moved every 2 hours, so we had a little time to be silly outside while Chris took care of that. These two are never very far from each other!

Aiden found a nice, Aiden-sized patch of shade to enjoy his snack in.  
He looks more like a little boy everyday; the "baby" is fading fast!

Our future MVP!  

And just because he has to follow in brother's footsteps:

Batting practice.

After the busy day, Aiden crashed within minutes of getting back in the car.  Baseball is hard  work and so much fun! 

 We finished up the next morning watching a game at Double day field, where baseball was invented.  The two boys soaked up America's pastime and it was hard to leave. Thankfully, they can recreate that everyday in our front yard; and they usually do!

And sometimes we don't even get pants on first!