Monday, July 4, 2011

Vacation Part 1

Last week, our family was blessed with a short, but sweet, vacation to the Adirondacks and Cooperstown.  We love getting away and seeing new parts of New England, and of course, making a Food Network tour of some of the best eats wasn't bad either.

In true Harrist fashion, we packed the car high, hey, you need a lot of junk when traveling with kids, and headed out towards Lake George, NY.  The drive was beautiful. Lots of hills and small towns (and port-a-potties, gross!) to enjoy along the way. We saw so many places to go back to someday without the kiddos for some fun of our own.

 The lake was absolutely breathtaking!  There were steamer ships ready to give tours, parasailing adventures, kayaks, boats and lots of sunshine.  When we first got there, the number of tourists hanging out downtown was a little overwhelming, but since it was Sunday, we practically had the place to ourselves after dinner and in the early morning.  

 Next it was time for the number one activity of the Lake George area:  Mini Golf!  It was Aiden's first time out so Daddy gave him a few pointers along the way.  Of course, after a few holes, he decided he knew the game and refused any help from there on out, something he learned from big brother, I'm sure.

 Christopher tried to give me his best Pirate "Aaarrrggg" while waiting by the "jail." 

At some point, Aiden ran off with Chris' club (above), so he had to make do. Thankfully he got it back after this hole, or he may have been stuck like that for awhile. 

And what would any Harrist vacation be with out ice cream, and lots of it!?  New England is known for its countless ice cream stands that serve amazing concoctions.  We definitely  partook of a few.

The Footlong Sundae

 What great Daddy wouldn't share?

The aftermath of an ice cream that was thoroughly enjoyed. 


mcohn said...

Wow, looks like a great time Jenn!!!!!