Monday, March 21, 2011

Birthday Pictures

Last month, little Christopher, despite my protests, turned 7!  He is one lucky boy, because his birthday falls on February vacation week,which would usually mean a week filled with fun.  Unfortunately, that did not happen this year as illness has abound in our house this winter. But we made the most of it, and he had a great birthday despite it. 

 Breakfast cupcakes on your birthday has to be the favorite tradition that we do around here!

 Getting birthday hugs from Aiden!

 Both Christopher and Aiden enjoyed banging these balloons around the living room. Endless entertainment!  Thanks, Grammie!
The birthday boy wanted to go bowling to celebrate, so we tried our hand at candle-pin bowling.  It was.... interesting.

Aiden and I watched from the sidelines as Christopher, Daddy and his friends bowled it up!  But we had fun, too, running all over the bowling alley.  

One more picture update to come....