Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Birthday to Our First Pook

That smile!  I have seen it almost every day for 7 years and every morning I know that when he comes down the stairs, he will have that smile on his face just for me.  I love it!

I don't know how we got here.  I know that each day we go through the motions: breakfast, school, homework, playing, dinner and bed. But how did I let another year slip by right before my eyes?  Did I cherish every moment?  Every laugh, silliness, and 6-year-old joke?  Did I show him how much he is loved and adored? How thankful we are for his 10 fingers, ten toes and huge heart?

With an honest and humble heart,I can say that I did not show him that every day.

So, Christopher, I tell you:
You are loved!
You are cherished!  
You are our gift from God; here on loan from Him that we might see His Glory shine through you.

Thank you for your huge heart. For your love that is so big and so giving that I sometimes take it for granted.  You amaze me daily at your thirst for knowledge, hunger for a challenge and desire to show others love. 

Seven years of smiles, laughter, love and so much more!  I love you, Bubba-boy!  Happy Birthday!