Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day!

The first official snow day of 2011 is also the first time that all 4 Harrist's were able to venture out into the winter wonderland together.  We had a great time sledding, playing and just being outside. 

This was Aiden's very first time to go out into the snow. It took about 5 minutes of laborious dressing, but he  was well prepared thanks to hand-me-downs from Anne, Katie, and Melissa. Thanks friends for making sure Aiden was ready for fun!

The sledding was fun. Even Chris and I took a turn!

 Aiden is our measuring stick. He is 31" tall, so the snow on the side of the car was about half that. Wow!

One hard working man!!

It took a lot of work to get us all outside today but it was so worth it!  The snow is still coming down as we speak!  For now, I still love living in New England!