Sunday, November 21, 2010

14 Months - a few days late

That kiddo right there is now 14 months old!

Yep, 14 months and all over the place.  Most days he is a super smiley guy, full of laughs, kisses and hugs.  He loves to play and run around the house after his brother, whom he is always just 2 steps behind.  Many days you will find he and I sitting down, reading books if we aren't running errands.  It is the same books over and over, but they make him so happy. He will bring them to me and sign "please" so that I will sit and read them.  That is when he is happiest.

Aside from loving books, he loves to play peek-a-boo and hide and seek, especially with his daddy. Chris will take him upstairs while I am making dinner and the two of them play so hard that I can hear the laughs even with the door closed! 

He is quickly learning about his world. In the last month he has learned to say "Daddy" (which is used for both Daddy and his bubba), "doggie", "mamama," and "sock". Even when he can't say a word, he can communicate it very well.  There are many delighted squeals when I ask him if he wants breakfast, lunch, or a snack. Pretty much anything to do with food, and this kid is right there.

Like his brother, Aiden is a super friendly guy.  He is always tilting his head sideways and smiling, as if you are sharing a secret with him.  And as we go through the grocery store he says "hi" to everyone we walk by, sometimes 3 or 4 times until they say "hi" back.  Persistent does not even begin to describe it.

He has also become a great alarm clock. Every morning he knows when it is time to go upstairs to wake up his brother and daddy. He goes to each of them in bed, pats their faces and says their names until they wake up.  He gets so excited to do this every day and if we don't do it on time, he lets me know about it.

He has been so much fun and joyful as we watch his personality develop these past few months.

One last picture.  The P & F transformation on Halloween.  He did not like spraying his hair green!