Monday, August 16, 2010

One Whole Year

One year ago today, my family and I saw the sign that had been looming before us for over 6 months. 

Seeing that sign back then brought so much joy, fear, and uncertainty.  How could we have just leave what we had known for so long?  We knew what to expect "back home".  If anything happened, we had the list of who to call, in what order, and which of our family could get to us the fastest. This sign meant all of that was no longer an option.  This sign meant that we now had only 3 3/4 humans to rely on, hug on, cry with, laugh with, and "live" with. 

Remembering all of those feelings that rolled around inside me as we crossed the state line that afternoon makes me almost laugh at where we were and where we are now.

When Chris first told me he had been hired at UNH, I was so excited and the thought of no more 106 degree summer days made me jump for joy.  But as the school year ended and the packing got into full swing, I started taking stock of all we "had" in College Station and I had made up my mind that it wasn't really happening after all.  In my head, at some point, someone would come up to us and tell us we had passed God's test, had shown that we were willing to follow His desires for us, and we could unpack and get ready to welcome our new baby in Texas.  Even up to the day of pulling out of College Station, I just knew that was what would happen.  I kept waiting for that "well done" message to show up via email, text, or even from one of our trusted friends. Did. Not. Happen.

Fast forward one year and now I see that moving was the best thing that could have happened to our family.  We knew nothing about New England and very little about ourselves or our faith when we pulled into Barrington last year. 

I could spend so much time and internet space recalling what has happened over the last year. The Good, the Bad and most definitely the Ugly.  But instead I want to say this.  God is Good. God is Faithful. His Sovereignty is amazing to say the least.  He has taught us, grown us, disciplined us and loved us even when our (my) faith was so small.  I am thankful for our new life and the challenges we have faced. I don't know how long we will be here, or what happens next, but I just keep repeating to myself that He is sovereign and always faithful.  Remembering that is the hardest part, but it is the truth that will never cease, no matter where He make take us.