Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, My Love!

There are so many reasons that you make me smile and love you each day.  We have grown up together these last 12 years, and when I think back to how much we have changed, I am so thankful for God's grace, love and faith, which has guided us and brought us through to where we are now.

Thank you for always being my voice of reason, for being calm when I go into Tasmanian Devil mode, for loving me despite my weird, crazy self. 

Thank you for being a wonderful father and role model to our two beautiful boys (thanks for those boys, too!).  I am thankful for the man and father you are, and the love, patience and kindness you show us each day.

Thank you for being silly and playful even when I am not.

Thank you for showing me that not everything is as big of a deal as I think it is and for reminding me that God is always in control, so I don't have to be. 

I pray that we continue to grow together in God's Word, and His Love. I pray that God continues to grow me and teach me and show me how I can continue to help you, love you and pray for you. I love you!  Happy birthday!