Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day Trippin' - Adventure number 1

Since we have not yet had the chance to explore our new home much, we have looked forward to doing that this summer. While we have enjoyed numerous trips to the beach and down into Mass, yesterday we finally got to get out of the Seacoast area and head up into the mountains.

Our first destination for our day trip vacations - the Castle in the Clouds in the White Mountains.  (I love that we can be surrounded by so much beauty and be learning at the same time (I'm such a teacher geek!). )

This place was built in 1914 the height of the owner's fortune. And then, like most millionaires, he blew it all on bad financial decisions.  But, at least he left this beautiful place as his legacy that we can visit whenever we want.

This was "the Pebble" we passed by on the way up the mountain.  It was left there by a glacier during the last ice age.

The Last Song waterfall on the way up as well. The water was crystal clear and amazing!

One of the many breathtaking views along the drive.

The castle from the front.

The secret room in the library. There was so much in this house that was amazing that I can't put it all here.

The wishing fountain outside in one of the gardens.

Check out that cute kid! And the view is nice too.

Tomorrow comes adventure number 2.  On to Crawford Notch and more mountains.  See you when we get back.