Saturday, June 12, 2010

Good bye Kindergarten!

I have never needed any reminders that Christopher is growing up right before my eyes (and even with my back turned).  From the now long, lanky legs and arms to the fact that he is almost up to my shoulders in height, I see signs of if everywhere.  Then on Thursday, one huge, wack  me in the face reminder was laid out before me, wrapped neatly in a little celebration bow. 

Thursday we celebrated the end of kindergarten and the beginning of "real school". That's right, the 1st grade!  I will lament this over and over for the rest of my life, but when did this happen?  Who let him get so big?  (for the record, I will always blame all of his grandparents)

On Thursday we got to watch our boy stand on stage and sing songs about the greatness of God and I know just how much this year has changed him, and the rest of our family in so many ways.  I look forward to the summer and hope to hold on to every last moment of kindergarten times as I can. I love the personality that is emerging from him.  Not a day goes by that he does not make me laugh when I hear his views on the world, and then he brings me to tears with his honest and sincere heart.  I wish that all of you could have been here to celebrate this milestone, but know that God has us so far apart for a reason. 

Happy summer!  Enjoy these days that God has given us; they are flying by too fast!.