Friday, June 25, 2010

3/4 of a year grown

It seems like I can not keep on top of how fast this baby is growing.  He is starting to lose some of his "chunky monkey-ness" and looking more and more like a little boy instead of a baby.

He  patiently waited until we moved to start really crawling, and now he is all over the place.  Of course, two days after he started crawling, he started  pulling up, so now nothing is safe!  His favorite thing to use for a climbing tool is my legs, which makes cleaning and cooking a little bit harder, and precarious .

He is so much fun to have around the house. He laughs constantly and talks non-stop to all of us.  Jas has gotten used to him and, just like with Christopher, lays there to let him climb all over her.  She doesn't even seem to notice. 

And the biggest and best development.... he now sleeps through the night!  Amazing!  We thought this would never happen, especially given our history with Christopher.  It took 3 awful and grueling nights, but it worked and now I am not up every 2 1/2 hours.  Ah, sleep.  So great.

Beach bum!  Our favorite destination this summer.

I have no idea how he got in there. The high chair is just all enough for him to fit.

Nap time wherever we can get it.

Basketball already in hand.  Where's the court?