Tuesday, May 18, 2010

8 Months and going strong!

Eight months have flown by and Aiden just keeps getting bigger and bigger!  Many of his 12M clothes are now too tight.  This kid is solid!

He has developed so much of a personality lately. Most of it is happy, but when he decides he's mad, it comes on fast. 

He is talking constantly now.  Even in his sleep. It is so strange to hear him laughing and cooing in the middle of the night. What is truly great is when he sees Chris or Christopher come into the room he smiles and says "hey" (or at least that is what we think he is saying).  He is a constant chatter of maamaaamaaa, daaadaaadaa and all other sorts of wonderful noises.

He has started crawling, actually just yesterday he got going well.  He is a reluctant crawler and will only do it under much protest.  Usually when he starts coming towards me, he gets so mad when I don't just pick him up that he is full on crying by the time he reaches me. It is quite comical. 

He makes us laugh daily. And the bond with Christopher is now completely unbreakable. Christopher makes him laugh harder than the rest of us can.  He made Aiden hit that deep belly laugh today that is sound of pure happiness!


Katie said...

I just love that belly laugh that kids get! And there is something so incredibly special about the love between siblings. What an amazing gift God has given us to allow us to witness those moments! Your boys are precious.