Saturday, January 23, 2010

4 months

Now that I have thoroughly fallen down on the posting pictures job, here are a few new ones to tide the grandparents over.

The serious face. Yes, that hair is red.

His favorite position

Aiden is now 4 months old and getting so big. He is now weighing in at almost 16 lbs, and most days my body feels it when I go to bed! He has grown so much in such a short time that Chris and I can't believe it sometimes. No longer do we have just a little baby who eats and sleeps, but now one that laughs and talks, and throws some wicked fits! His personality is definitely taking shape.

He is rolling from belly to back and loves being in his exersaucer. Most of all, he loves being sung to by his big brother. Those two adore each other and sometimes Christopher is the only one who can calm him down. We haven't introduced him to snow much, mostly because the snow comes up to my knees now, so it would be hard to carry him on a walk and not fall over.

In the calming arms of big brother.

He is one ball of fire that just keeps getting bigger. He teaches us new things about himself, and ourselves, almost daily.