Monday, November 2, 2009

Meet Dirk!

So, I always wanted to get a t-shirt that says "Dirk is my homeboy." But I finally got even better. I got to be "Dirk's Mom" for Halloween this year. I know, I don't look a bit German, and I am not tall but hey, it was fun!

Every year we are at a loss for Halloween costumes. We come up with good ideas, but because we are notoriously last minute for this day, can't seem to pull them together. This year was no different. But thankfully we had a great back up plan. Dirk Nowitzki! Great baller and team leader, and he's fair skinned and blonde haired, so no face paint or wigs needed (Christopher was adamant about no face paint).

Aiden's costume was easy. We knew that it would be cold, so it was hard to find something that would keep him warm and allow him to be safely strapped in the car seat. So this year, Aiden went as a sleeping baby. And he was great at it! He slept from the time we left the house until we got home after dinner. What a great character player!

We took the boys over to the Strawbery Banke Museum which is an historical museum that depicts how people lived in New England centuries ago. They had the grounds all decorated and historical "ghosts" at all the houses. We all had a great time and Christopher got to meet Ben Franklin's ghost in the very first house. The pictures are from the museum.

With all this for Halloween, I can't wait for their Holiday festivities!

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