Friday, October 16, 2009

One month of Aiden

Today Aiden is one month old. In that month, we have all gotten to know his cries and his faces. We have enjoyed so much of him!

Aiden has changed so much in just this short month. He is starting to really fill out those 0-3 month clothes! He has Chris's chin, my dimples. But hands down, we all agree that he looks just like Christopher did as a baby! We have taken lots of pictures with Aiden and all the family that has come to visit us (and we always have room for more visitors...)

Christopher adores Aiden. He makes sure to spend time with him everyday and takes his job as the big brother very seriously! It is so funny how he can be in his own world, then just stop to check on Aiden.

We have been blessed with help from family, and even meals from the MOPS group at church. I met the MOPS group 2 days before Aiden was born and they so lovingly provided my family with meals while we transitioned, knowing that we did not have family or many connections here. God is so GOOD!!!! He reminds me of that daily and my thankful list continues to grow.


Anonymous said...

OH! ME ME ME!! I wanna come!
love Brynn

Diane said...

that picture of the two boys is the MOST precious picture EVER!! I have shown everybody that has come remotely close when beautiful grandsons I have!! Can't wait to see you all in December!!

Amanda said...

Jennifer and Chris,

I miss you guys so much, but most of all getting my lovins from Christopher. :)
Aiden is absolutely adorable and I wish he were here so I could pinch his cute little cheeks. I am amazed at how much like Christopher he looks. Be careful inviting more company, I may just show up on your doorstep! LOL