Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Who let this happen?

It happened today. My little boy officially started school. 

Today Christopher started Kindergarten and broke my heart by continuing to grow up right in front of my eyes.  Isn't he just the cutest (handsomest)?!  

His school day started later than usual today in order to allow for nervous parents and kiddos to have some last minute time together.  He was so excited to start school today that he asked several times to go yesterday.  And what was he looking forward to?  Recess, of course. New friends. Chapel. And most of all... not having to run errands with mom any more!  Yep, that really was on his list of why he was ready to go back to school.  Gotta love that honesty.

But what this means is that we have sent our son to school and in a mere 18 days we start all over!  That has weighed heavily on me the last few days. Here we go again!


Susan said...

He is getting so big. I love the blog. Thanks for keeping all of us updated. We miss you all and good luck on the upcoming birth! We love you all.

Michelle said...

That boy is sooooooo adorable. He is ready to go!!!!