Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's in the air...

My fellow Texans.... I have a rumor that needs to be addressed here and now because, frankly I could not believe it myself.

That mythical season known around the world as "fall" or "autumn" does in fact exist. Not only does it exist, but it is marked not by the coming of football season and tailgate parties, but by actual weather change and the turning of leaves!

I know, it is shocking, and we were not prepared for it when it happened to us last week, but it is true, and it is beautiful!

We first noticed that the mornings were getting a bit cooler. Almost needed a jacket in the mornings. Then, one day, we noticed a tree that was no longer green by fiery red. Magnificent!

I will be posting a photo of our backyard, and as it changes colors, we will keep you updated with the progress of fall in our little slice of New England.

But, you know that this can't be a post just about a changing season; not with all the change going on in our lives right now.

Change has become almost an anthem in the Harrist household over the last year. First, I changed careers (actually started following what the Lord had called me to, what a blessing).

Then we found out we would be changing from a family of 3 to a family of 4. The last change was that we were going to be removing ourselves from Texas to New Hampshire. This was probably the biggest shocker of them all.

We have now completed one full month in New Hampshire and I must say it has gone much better than expected. We have explored some, and are finding our way around. We think we have found a church home as well.

Next comes the change to a family of 4. Since I survived the move to the north, I am now very much nervous for this one. It has been so long since there has been a baby around.

But the one thing that has been consistent thru all of this change has been trust. Not little trust, but big TRUST has been required of all of us in the Harrist household, even down to Christopher.

We have learned so much about TRUST and what it means to really rely on the Lord through all of this. He has shown us time and again that we cannot make it through these changes without Him right by our side.

Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you. Psalm 9:10

Trust in the Lord with all of your heart... Proverbs 3:5

So many of you have been right beside us as we have sought His face during all of this, reminding us through it all that we must remain in Him and TRUST that He is in control. We have been daily reminded that there is nothing that is a surprise to Him. I remember that daily and am so thankful in His sovereignty.


Kari said...

Jenn!!!! SOAK it in for me!!! That is what I miss most about living here is that we DON'T have fall! The smells, the beauty, the coolness! Ohhhh makes me sad!!! So happy for you that the month has gone well! And know that the Lord has been taking care of you and will continue to do so when there are 4!
Miss seeing you! And enjoy keeping up with you via the blog!

CarpioFamily said...

thought of you wednesday. Youth started back up and Carlos and butch are heading it up. Thought for a split sec to go up there to see you... then i remembered your gone. So sad!!

Jenn Harrist said...

I know. I miss them all too! Carlos will do a great job with them this year.