Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We have arrived....

Just over a week ago, our life looked much different from now.  Chris was finishing his dissertation, and we were living among boxes, and calling College Station home. 

Then, Chris defended and everything changed. We knew it was coming, but in all honesty did not expect it to happen. As the day got closer and closer, my head knew this was happening, but my heart was still holding on to "home."  

It has been a hard week.  It has been surreal that we aren't just on vacation but actually have a new place to call home.  The first day of driving was the hardest; as soon as Chris locked the door to our house, the crying finally came.  But the more miles we put behind us, the more we accepted what was happening. 

We got here Saturday night, ready to not drive anymore. Ready to sleep in our own bed. Ready to start our life here.  

Since getting here, we have explored the neighboring towns and celebrated Chris' birthday with a lobster dinner in Maine. Christopher is adjusting well and really likes to play around the house.  I am halfway done unpacking and Chris will start preparing for classes tomorrow.

Life goes on, even if we arent' ready for the change.  Thank you for all of your prayers and support during all this. We miss you all already!