Friday, August 21, 2009


I have learned so much from God in regards to this move. He has taught me so much about His timing and learning how to wait on Him (something that I am 100% sure He is not done teaching me).

But there are some other things I have learned as well.

1) Driving across the country is not fun; in no way, shape, or form! Especially when you have no time to look at the neat things you are whizzing by.

2) I will, in no way, do this whole pack-and-move on your own thing again. (Mosier's, you had the right idea!)

3) If you put something for sale on Craigslist, you had really be ready to get rid of it!

4) We have way too much junk. I can't even call it stuff. Alot of what we found in boxes went into the category of "why did we need to move this 2000 miles?"

I am sure all this will either serve me well to remember next time we move, whenever that may be, or else I will completely forget these trials and think the Uhaul thing is the way to go. If option two is to happen, please someone shake me hard and remind me just how much "fun" this was!